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Open Door Fund Presidents’ Challenge

The NCBF is deeply grateful for the leadership of NCBA+NCBF Presidents whose support launched the Open Door Fund in June 2024 with a $100,000 collective gift challenge. The collective gift will be realized upon reaching a $100,000 matching gift goal through the generosity of NCBA members.

Catharine B. Arrowood
Charles and Brenda Becton
Shelby Duffy Benton
Janet Ward Black
Martin and Carol Brinkley
LeAnn Nease Brown and Charles Gordon Brown
Charles E. Burgin
Mike and Brenda Colombo
Kearns and Ashley Davis
Allyson K. Duncan
Pam and Alan Duncan
Jacqueline Grant
Jonathan P. Heyl
Mark and Joanna Holt
John L. Jernigan
Gayle and George Mast
Larry and Dershie McDevitt
Caryn Coppedge McNeill
Clayton D. Morgan
Eugene C. Pridgen
J. Norfleet Pruden III
Elizabeth L. Quick
Patti and Chris Ramseur
Larry and Carroll Sitton
D. Clark Smith, Jr.
Kimberly H. Stogner
Richard E. Thigpen, Jr.
Henry Price Van Hoy II
R. Michael Wells, Sr.
Dewey Wells
John R. Wester
G. Gray Wilson