The North Carolina Bar Foundation is committed to collaborating with teachers, parents and volunteers to provide resources that support regional efforts to create mock trial and civic engagement experiences for middle school students. If you are a teacher, parent or coach interested in organizing a mock trial competition in your community, click through the links below to find documents and guides that may assist your efforts.

Mock Cases for Middle School

State of Utopia vs. Grayson Zayne – A criminal case relating to an intentional homicide on a college campus.

Sidney Curie vs. Petzicon Products, Inc – A civil case alleging liability on the part of a pet product company for causing harm to a dog.

State of NC vs. Drew DeLaney – A criminal case involving involuntary manslaughter and criminal negligence.

State of New Harmony vs. Charlie Spencer – A criminal case relating to the sinking of a fishing boat.

Score sheets and Time Cards

Time Cards – To display how much time remains in each segment

MSMT TENT_Cards – For each team to display on their table

MSMT Timekeeper_Record_Form

MSMT Scoresheet


MSMT Bailiff Script – Guide for the role of Bailiff

MSMT Presiding Judge Instructions

Logistics and Guides

If you would like assistance with volunteer recruitment or if you are seeking additional documents or resources to support regional Middle School Mock Trial experiences or competitions, please contact us.

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