Nan Hannah, who has participated in every 4ALL Statewide Service Day, raises her hand for help with an estate planning question.

The North Carolina Bar Foundation (NCBF) presented the 12th annual 4ALL Statewide Service Day on Friday, March 1.

From call centers in Asheville, Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh and Wilmington, 449 volunteer attorneys answered 9,749 calls.

Impressive as those numbers may be, they are but the tip of the iceberg that is 4ALL Statewide Service Day – the NCBF’s largest annual pro bono event.

“Since its inception in 2008, 4ALL has provided an opportunity for North Carolinians from all walks of life to speak with an attorney for free,” said Jacqueline Grant, president of the NCBF and the North Carolina Bar Association. “4ALL also provides our members with an opportunity to step away from their daily duties and engage in thoughtful conversations with citizens about a wide array of legal topics.”

“This is a great thing you guys are doing,” proclaimed one appreciative citizen. “So many people cannot afford lawyers and they have problems. This is the kind of thing that people need.”

The volunteer attorneys agree: they need it too.

“Each year gets better as more lawyers discover the professional satisfaction of assisting members of the public in finding a path to deal with their legal issues,” said Raleigh attorney Nan Hannah. “We in many ways help to demystify the system by shedding light on options and opportunities for resolving legal issues.”

Hannah has participated in every 4ALL event, volunteering at the Fayetteville site in 2008 and at WRAL-TV 5 in Raleigh every year since. Like hundreds of her peers across the state, the first Friday in March is penciled in permanently as a day of service – a day which many lawyers say reminds them of why they went into the legal profession.

Volunteers and staff are joined in this noble endeavor by media partners and law firms that have provided call centers and additional resources throughout the existence of 4ALL. This year’s call center locations, hosts and supporters were:

• Asheville, supported and hosted by WLOS News 13;
• Charlotte, supported and hosted by WBTV News;
• Greensboro, supported by WFMY News 2 and hosted by Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP;
• Greenville, supported and hosted by WNCT-TV;
• Raleigh, supported and hosted by WRAL-TV 5; and
• Wilmington, supported and hosted by WECT News.

The 4ALL Statewide Service Day was established under the leadership of Janet Ward Black of Greensboro during her term as president of the NCBA and NCBF, and is entirely donor-funded.

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