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About Us

Our Mission: Uniting the talent and generosity of our profession to be a power of greater good for the people of North Carolina.

Our Vision

A vibrant North Carolina where legal services are available to all, regardless of ability to pay; where members of the legal profession provide community service and leadership that profoundly impacts the public, thereby demonstrating the value of our profession to society; and where all North Carolinians understand and have confidence in a legal system that serves them.

Our Values

We value access to justice. We believe access is an intrinsic part of justice and are committed to ensuring equal access for all by giving generously to, and using our civic influence on behalf of, organizations that provide pro bono legal services.

We value service. We are passionate about opportunities to use our education and experience to be of service to our fellow North Carolinians, and we are proud of our flagship pro bono and public service projects that allow volunteer lawyers, paralegals and law students to strengthen and improve their communities all across our state.

We value education. We embrace our role as educators and are enthusiastic about helping our fellow North Carolinians – both schoolchildren and adults – understand and have confidence in the rule of law and our justice system.

We value professionalism. We take to heart our professional obligations as lawyers to make a difference. We actively cultivate a culture of service, invest in training lawyer leaders, and use innovative approaches to bring North Carolina lawyers together to work alongside one another for the common good.

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We acknowledge and are committed to addressing inequities in access to legal services and participation in the legal profession experienced by historically excluded or disadvantaged individuals and communities in North Carolina.

2024-25 Foundation Board of Directors

Kim Stogner, Winston-Salem

President-Elect and Treasurer
Rob Harrington, Charlotte

Immediate Past President
Patti Ramseur, Greensboro

Executive Director and Secretary
Jason M. Hensley

Executive Committee
President: Kim Stogner
President-Elect: Rob Harrington
Immediate Past President: Patti Ramseur
Richard M. Thigpen (Term Expiring 2025)
Will Oden (Term Expiring 2025)
Monica Webb-Shackleford (Term Expiring 2025)
Christopher G. Browning, Jr. (Term Expiring 2026)
Tammy Nicholson (Term Expiring 2026)
Matt Sawchak (Term Expiring 2027)
Paula Kohut (Term Expiring 2027)
Alice Johnson (Term Expiring 2025)
Collins Saint (YLD Chair, Board Term Expiring 2025)
Betty Quick (SLD Chair, Board Term Expiring 2025)

Audit & Finance Committee
President-Elect: Rob Harrington (Chair)
Sidney O. Minter (Term Expiring 2025)
Ashley S. Rusher (Term Expiring 2025)
Courtney Thomas (Term Expiring 2026)
Shannon Vandiver (Term Expiring 2026)
Lindsay Thompson (Term Expiring 2027)
Colleen Byers (Term Expiring 2027)

Standing Committee Chairs
Programs Committee Chair (Term Expiring 2025) – Jared Smith
Development Committee Chair (Term Expiring 2026) – Linda Funke Johnson
Endowment Committee Chair (Term Expiring 2027) – Jon Heyl

At-large Board Members
Nan Hannah (Term Expiring 2025)
Robin Stinson (Term Expiring 2025)
Robert H. Edmunds, Jr. (Term Expiring 2026)
Afi S. Johnson-Parris (Term Expiring 2026)
John Cella (Term Expiring 2027)
Samantha Gordon (Term Expiring 2027)

NCBF Program Committees

4ALL – Lawyers on Call: Rebecca Redwine and Meredith Gregory
Judicial Learning Center/Civic Education: Gray Wilson

Foundation Staff

To contact North Carolina Bar Foundation staff, please call 919.677.0561.

Jason M. Hensley, Executive Director
Kim Bart Mullikin, Foundation Senior Director
Alex Rogers, Director of Programs
Michael Lowery, Director of Development
Jennifer Swanchara, Development Services Coordinator
Bianca Simmons, Pro Bono Programs Coordinator
Carole Oliver, Foundation Coordinator (and Endowment point of contact)
Sara Dowd, Civic and Community Education Programs Coordinator

2023 Impact

The North Carolina Bar Foundation (tax ID number 56-0767805) is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to the North Carolina Bar Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-814-5400. The license is not an endorsement by the State.