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How to Donate

Private philanthropic gifts and commitments are an excellent way to invest in the NCBF’s mission to unite the talent and generosity of the legal profession to be a power of greater good for the people of North Carolina.

Your private support ensures the NCBF’s ability to serve North Carolinians and advance the Foundation’s five values: access to justice, service through the profession, civic education, professionalism and diversity, equity and inclusion. There is also the added benefit of enjoying tax savings while supporting an organization that is important to you and the legal profession.

There are many ways you can make a gift in support of the NCBF including those listed below.

A gift of cash is a simple and straightforward way to make a gift. Donors receive a charitable tax deduction that will provide tax savings during the year a cash gift is made and witness the impact of their philanthropy immediately. Cash gifts may be made online here or by mail to NCBF, 8000 Weston Parkway, Cary NC 27513.

Gifts of Stock

A gift of securities, including your stocks or bonds, is a great way to make a gift. By making a gift of appreciated securities, donors avoid paying capital gains tax that would otherwise have been paid if this asset was sold. Donors receive a charitable tax deduction during the year a gift of securities is made and witness the immediate impact of their gift.

Stock gift transfer instructions.

Deferred Gift/Planned Gift Commitments

Planned gifts are a thoughtful and impactful way to make a personal commitment to the NCBF in the present to be allocated at a future date. Planned gifts allow donors to make major commitments to an organization to advance its mission and may also provide tax benefits. Examples of a planned gift include an outright bequest (either designated amount or percentage of an asset), naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement asset or insurance policy. There are many ways to structure a planned gift and the NCBF would be happy to collaborate with you and your financial advisor to create a planned gift that is beneficial to you and the NCBF.

Planned gifts may be documented by completing the NCBF deferred gift form.

Individuals who document a planned gift to the NCBF are recognized as a member of the Platt D. Walker Planned Giving Society.

Charitable IRA Rollovers

Using Qualified Charitable Distributions from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an excellent option for supporting the NCBF now.

If you are 72 years old or older, this tax-savvy strategy allows you to transfer up to $100,000 annually from your IRA directly to the NCBF. Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) count toward your IRA’s annual Required Minimum Distributions (RMD), and you pay no federal income tax on distributions transferred to the NCBF.

Qualified Charitable Distributions can be used to fulfill multi-year pledges. More information about Required Minimum Distributions and Qualified Charitable Distributions.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can be used to make a substantial gift to the NCBF in several ways including naming the NCBF as a beneficiary of a policy.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

The Foundation accepts certain types of gifts-in-kind for furthering its mission. Gifts of tangible personal property include vehicles, equipment, materials and any other personal items owned by a donor. The decision to accept such gifts will be based on three major issues: valuation, use, and carrying costs.

Charitable Remainder Trust

The Foundation encourages gifts coming to it from charitable remainder trusts but does not serve as trustee of a charitable remainder trust.

To learn more about the ways you can make a gift and/or commitment to the NCBF contact Foundation, at [email protected] or 919.677.0992.