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Pro Bono Spotlight: Grabowski Law Firm PLLC

By Samantha Gordon, NCBA Pro Bono Committee Member

Grabowski Law firm has an obvious passion for pro bono work. Austin Grabowski graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of North Carolina then attended Campbell Law School of Law, where he excelled in leadership roles and his pro bono interest took off. When Austin graduated, he held a prestigious position clerking for Superior Court Judge Eric Levinson. After that position, he worked for a national law firm and a boutique law firm. After those experiences, Austin wanted hands-on experience with his clients and Grabowski Law Firm was born in Charlotte, NC.

Grabowski law firm handles many areas of law: residential and commercial closings, estate planning, traffic citations, corporate business law, probate, pre-litigation matters, and health care. Even with all of these practice areas, Grabowski finds the time to continue to serve their community through pro bono work.

Specifically, Graboswki has provided help to those in need through Council for Children’s Rights, Legal Aid, NC Free Legal Answers, estate planning clinics, and landlord/tenant clinics. An uplifting example would be a recent case where Grabowski represented three children in a disputed custody battle that involved three separate guardians. The case went to trial and Grabowski presented that the guardian he represented should maintain full custody and parental authority over the three children. Grabowski was able to persuade the Judge to help the three children move forward with a better life.

Grabowski continues to be a part of his community, where he was born. His belief is that it is an attorney’s privilege to be a part of building up their community and he exemplifies that privilege every time he takes on a pro bono case and gives it his all. A quick look at the firm’s website shows Grabowski cares about pro bono work and helping his community. The experience of working with individuals and families in need through pro bono work has given Grabowski the foundational understanding of how a positive outcome can materialize from what appears to be a hopeless situation. Grabowski has been inducted into the North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society in 2019, 2020, and 2021. He also served on the Linking Lawyers Committee from 2020 to 2023.