NC Free Legal Answers is an entirely web-based pro bono program aimed at increasing access to legal advice and information about non-criminal matters for low-income people. It allows financially eligible users to post civil legal questions for volunteer attorneys to answer pro bono. North Carolina become a participant in the ABA Free Legal Answers™ project in 2017.

Generally, questions take 5-7 minutes to respond to. With the sort and filter features, you can readily find a question that aligns with your interests. There are 17 categories available: Family/Divorce/Custody, Housing, Debts & Purchases, Work, Workers Compensation, Wills/Inheritance, Benefits, Health Care, Medicaid/Medicare/Affordable Care Act, Natural Disaster, Personal Injury, Expungement, Special Education, School Discipline, Immigration, Civil/Constitutional Rights, Emancipation & Delinquency.

Getting Started

  1. Register online
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  3. Browse the queue of questions.
  4. Respond to a question, whenever and wherever you like.

Read the Free Legal Answers Attorney Volunteer Agreement.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact NC Free Legal Answers Administrator, Nihad Mansour, using the link below.