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Naturalization + Refugee Assistance Project

Hosted by the North Carolina Bar Association Paralegal Division and International Practice Section

  • This project is a partnership with the NCBA Paralegal Division and Church World Services. Volunteers will work with Church World Services to assist and prepare naturalization filings and assist those pursuing Afghani Humanitarian Parolees status. At this time the project will be launching with only paralegals but has the possibility to expand to volunteer attorneys for the legal representation of those seeking parolee status.
  • This project will engage 5-10 paralegal volunteers, with the possibility of increasing to more paralegals and opening up to attorney volunteers.
  • Types of services to be rendered include preparation of legal documents, explanation of resettlement processes, and once the project is established and expanded to volunteer attorneys, limited scope representation of unaccompanied minors in court proceedings. Their committee will regularly determine the success of the project by quantifying the number of cases completed and measuring the time it took to complete those cases.

Volunteer information coming soon!