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Why I Give: Nicolette Fulton

The North Carolina Bar Foundation continues to be inspired by the philanthropic spirit of those who support us in our mission: uniting the talent and generosity of the legal profession to be a power of greater good for the people of North Carolina. In this holiday season, we hope you will enjoy the testimonial from Nicolette Fulton, Associate City Attorney for the City of Raleigh.

Last night I sat down with my daughter, Aubrey, and tried to explain to her what the Holiday season meant to me.  You see, we just saw Santa and Aubrey’s instant response was to run up to him and tell him, “I want Mighty Pups.” It was time for a lesson.

Explaining to a three-year-old that the Holidays are about giving is difficult. But then I thought about why I give.  Why do I give to the organizations I do, including the NCBF? That was an easy answer. It is with a simple act of giving, that many receive so much.

My monthly donation to the NCBF enables the organization to further their mission of uniting the talent and generosity of our profession to be a power of greater good for the people of North Carolina. The amount I give per month may not seem big to many, but that does not matter! My contribution means that I have helped a firefighter plan for his or her future, I have helped a person who is lost in the maze of the legal system and cannot afford an attorney find their way, I have helped a small business owner make an impact to their community, and I have helped a child see the good in our profession…all by contributing to the NCBF.

So, my hope for all of you as you join your friends and family this holiday season, is that you are surrounded by those you love…and if you can, make a contribution to the NCBF, it will be the best gift you will ever receive.