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Q&A with MYLC Ambassador and Winner (2022 and 2023): Krish Attaluri

Q&A with MYLC Ambassador and Winner (2022 and 2023): Krish Attaluri

1. How did you decide what topic(s) to focus on?
“I selected a topic that held personal significance for me and had a direct impact on both myself, my family and people like me in my community. While there are numerous global topics, I chose to address the topic that had an effect on my immediate community. This helped me conduct a comprehensive research and provide practical solutions.”

2. How much time did you spend researching your topic before deciding on the recommendation you gave to help address the problem?
“Once I had selected the specific topic to focus on, I dedicated approximately 2-3 hours per week over the course of 3 to 4 months to conducting research and penning my recommendations for potential solutions. This involved reaching out to affected individuals, consulting various administrators to gain their perspectives on the subject, and conducting extensive online research, all while managing my school work.”

3. How did you find people to talk to in your community about the problem?
“Given the personal importance of the topics I chose, affecting me and my family, I recognized that it probably affected other students and their families as well. I reached out to my classmates, friends, teammates, and their parents. Nearly everyone was open to discussing the topic and offered valuable insights and led to contact with other community members like teachers and coaches . The input from these sources led to the creation of surveys to gather additional feedback, which were shared on different social media platforms, giving me feedback from other members in my community.”

4. Who at your school did you turn to for advice and/or help?
“I contacted my middle school’s gifted program teachers and scheduled weekly 15-minute meetings with them to update them on my research progress and review my presentation video drafts. I brainstormed with other high school students who had experience in conducting research especially using social media.”

5. What are 2-3 things you did to set yourself up for success in this competition?
● Identify the topics which are of personal significance to me and affect my local community as well.
● Conducting thorough research by reaching out to a diverse set of people affected by the chosen topic.
● Regular feedback especially from my teachers helped build my presentation and frame my recommendations

6. Which part of the Challenge did you enjoy the most?
“My primary motivation for participating in this challenge was to offer solutions to local issues I have identified. The part of the challenge I enjoyed the most was formulating and suggesting solutions for the topic I chose. Additionally, engaging in conversations with various members of the community during my research was rewarding. It became evident during my research that the topic I selected resonated with many, not just myself, making it more meaningful.”

– Krish Attaluri, MYLC Ambassador and Winner (2022 and 2023)