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Anonymous Donor Establishes Justice Fund Unlike Any Other

This article originally appeared in the February 2022 issue of North Carolina Lawyer Magazine. Read the complete article written by Russell Rawlings and view all NC Lawyer issues at

More than 100 Justice Funds have been established through contributions to the North Carolina Bar Foundation Endowment. Lawyers from all across the state and all walks of life have been honored over the course of five decades.

But never before has a Justice Fund been established anonymously, until now. The donor’s reason for doing so is because they want other members to consider making similar donations of their own. Many members, like this donor, hail from small and steady practices which may not necessarily fit the profile of the typical Justice Fund contributor or honoree.

Especially members of a certain age.

“It came out of the blue,” the donor offered. “Like many lawyers who have contributed faithfully toward their retirement – contributing the maximum amount each year that could be deducted for tax purposes – I had some idea what that would mean, although I had never given much thought to exactly how much money that would be.

“And then my financial advisor called me and told me how much I would have to take out to reach the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) after I turned 72, and it was quite a bit annually. Not over the top, but it was more than I ever would have imagined.”

While continuing to support their church and community, the donor turned to the Foundation because the North Carolina Bar Association has contributed so much to their successful, fulfilling legal career.